Need networking, broadband or email support?

Networking, Broadband & Email – Setup and Support

Wireless LANs are become very mainstream today. All new laptops will always have a wireless LAN capabilities built in. These networks are fantastic and very fast, but must be securely set up, otherwise people will be able to view your data. Jay’s Computer Services have set up numerous sites with the highest levels of security because our clients commonly shop online and use online banking.

We also offer a broadband installation service where will assist you in purchasing broadband and setting it up.

Networking Issued we have dealt with

Common problems we regularly fix are:

  • Wireless LAN Setup
  • Setup of XBOX, PSP, Wii
  • Remote Desktop Installation
  • Internet View CCTV Systems
  • Media Centre PC’s
  • Wired LAN Installation
  • High Speed Gigabit LAN Upgrades
  • Firmware Update on Router
  • Shared Printer Installation
  • Shared Documents
  • Wireless Access Point & Extenders
  • Internet Timed Usage
  • Parental Controls

If you have any other problems we can still fix them, just give us a call on 01270 561184