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One of the most common failures in laptop computers is a broken connector, jack or plug socket.

This is because joins between sockets and the motherboard itself tend to get put under a lot of stress, with connectors being repeatedly plugged and unplugged. Faults here are more common on lower-end models (due to savings made on construction), but it can happen to any laptop computer.

Once the sockets are loose, they can cause intermittent problems with your laptop that are sometimes wrongly blamed on peripherals or chargers themselves.

The good news is that there’s no need to throw your computer out though, because our technicians at Jay’s Computer Services can often fix such broken sockets for a fraction of the cost of a replacement computer.

We keep a wide range of replacement sockets and other repair parts on-hand, ready to go. Unlike some other repair services, this means you’re less likely to be left waiting while the necessary repair parts come through the post!

Below is a list of socket repair services

  • Laptop Power Connector and Mains Charger Socket Repair
  • Laptop Network Socket Repair
  • Laptop Headphone Jack / Socket Repair
  • Laptop Video / VGA Connector Repair
  • …in fact, we can repair most sockets on your laptop computer.

Intermittent Laptop Power- Is It Really a “Battery” Problem?

A common mistake people make is assuming that intermittent power (where the computer sometimes shows “battery” even when the power supply is connected) is due to a faulty power supply. In fact, this is often due to a faulty power socket.

If mains power only seems to come on when you hold the plug at a particular angle or have it pushed right in, then the fault is probably with the power socket on the laptop, not the mains power adaptor (charger) itself.

Of course, sometimes batteries do become faulty, or simply wear out. Either way, we recommend that you discuss it with our staff before going ahead with a purchase- you can telephone or email us in advance if it’s more convenient for you!

And remember, we operate a no charge policy when inspecting your computer!