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COMPUTER Repair Services

We will attempt to fix any problem you may have with your computer, and if we don’t succeed we won’t charge you a penny.

Problems we can fix

Common problems we regularly fix are:

  • Blue Screen of Death
  • System restarts
  • Virus infestation
  • Software and driver problems
  • Broadband issues
  • Wireless LAN connectivity
  • Data transfer from your old computer to your new computer.
  • Computer Noise Reduction
  • Computer Speed Up
  • Computer clean up.
  • Internal Dust Removal.
  • Repair or replacement of noisy fans
  • System Upgrades
  • System Crashes
  • Error Messages on Startup

If you have any other problems we can still fix them. We recommend a computer is serviced at least every year to ensure that dust does not impede the airflow in your computer causing costly hardware failure.

LAPTOP Repair Services


Laptop power problems are usually caused by a faulty/wobbly DC jack, which stops your laptop from recharging or powering up

Common Symptoms are:

  • Your laptop battery will not charge
  • Wobbly DC Jack Power Connector
  • Intermittent Battery charging
  • Screen Dims and brightens often
  • When power supply is moved laptop turns off
  • The charging light may not illuminate.
  • A burning smell coming from the DC Jack
  • No Power

Dim Display problems are usually caused by a faulty inverter or Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp in side the screen, which stops your laptop screen from illuminating.

Many companies tend to replace the screen if the CCFL is faulty, this option is much more expensive, where as we can replace the CCFL for a fraction of the price.

  • Common Symptoms are:
  • Faint Windows Logo
  • Turns on and Windows Login Sound is Present but nothing on screen
  • Blank Screen

Laptop HDD problems are usually caused by a faulty IDE Controller, HDD connector on the motherboard or a Faulty HDD.

Common Symptoms are:

  • IDE error
  • Operating system not found
  • Ntdlr missing
  • HDD hanging
  • Clicking noise from HDD
  • Whining noise

Liquid Spills cause components to short on the motherboard. So the best thing is to turn off your laptop immediately and mop down any excess liquid with paper towels (do not use a hair dryer as that will cause more issues).

Make sure the battery is removed and send the laptop to us immediately.

Liquid spillage can cause rusting if the laptop is not sent to us immediately.

Common Symptoms are:

  • Keyboard Sticky
  • No power
  • Failure of drives
  • Motherboard Failure

Where do we repair your computer or laptop?

In most cases your computer is repaired completely onsite, however in some cases we will need to take your computer to our workshop where we can run in depth diagnostics. We repair all computers as quickly as possible. Most of our repairs take less than 2 hours.

Whilst we repair your computer we will let you know how to avoid similar problems in the future and provide any advice you may require.