Has your PlayStation or Xbox ran into a problem? Call in to our repair store for a free estimate and we’ll have you back gaming again in no time.

It is one of the most common repairs for games Consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox. The HDMI ports
unfortunately are a weak point for any console. 

They can be damaged by forcing the HDMI cable in, knocking your console over, dropping it or simple wear damage over time. The good news is that here at Jays Computer Services, we are fully trained, micro-soldering experts. Our dedicated workshop are equipped with required service kits and we can replace ports with new ones in no time.

As with all our repairs, we offer a FREE diagnostic and 6 months warranty.

The JCS Port Repair Process

  • Complete Fault Diagnosis
  • Cosmetic Evaluation
  • Console Disassembly
  • Broken Port Repair
  • On-Bench Testing
  • Internal Cleaning
  • Console Assembly
  • External Cleaning
  • Functional Testing
  • Software Updates
  • Quality Control

For more information please telephone: 01270 897 386